Gen. Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell: STAY TUNED Because More and More Will Be Apparent As We Proceed (VIDEO)

On Tuesday General Flynn and his attorney Sidney Powell attended a scheduled conference with US District Judge Emmett Sullivan to discuss Flynn’s cooperation with prosecutors and whether the two sides are ready to set a sentencing date.

Attorney Sidney Powell was expected to push back on this entire process.

A transcript was released from the explosive hearing later this afternoon.
Techno_Fog has a copy of the transcript.

The DOJ sat on Page/Strzok texts for months in violation of the Court’s discovery order.

The corrupt deep state DOJ also refused to produce several requested documents including the original 302 document of the Flynn meeting with FBI brass in the White House when they set him up.

The government misconduct is egregious.

On Tuesday night Sidney Powell joined Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss today’s hearing and the case.

This was an amazing interview. Sidney Powell is definitely on top of her game. She was the right attorney at the right time for General Flynn.

Sidney Powell warned the Deep State:We know that Mr. Mueller got a letter from Mr. Rosenstein that allowed him to target Michael Flynn Jr. And there was significant pressure put on General Flynn to enter a guilty plea… They had been hiding all of the evidence that showed he had not been an agent of Russia. The plan at least right now is not to withdraw the guilty plea, per se, but to have the entire prosecution dismissed… I don’t want to speak now to things that are not a matter of public record but stay tuned because more and more will become apparent as we proceed through the litigation.

Via Hannity:

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