Nervous, Andy? McCabe Backs Down From Claims Trump is a Russian Asset (VIDEO)

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe this week backed down from claims that President Trump is a Russian asset.

McCabe appeared on MSNBC Thursday to discuss Mueller’s pathetic press conference.

McCabe, who was fired last year after the Inspector General found that he ‘lacked candor,’ including under oath several times, previously said that it was possible Donald Trump was a Russian asset.

McCabe was a part of the attempted coup to remove Donald Trump from the White House and he previously said, without offering any evidence whatsoever, that he thought Trump was somehow compromised by the Russians and coordinating with the Kremlin.

On Thursday, the former FBI officials backed down from the those claims.

“Well, I think that the report makes clear that they did not uncover evidence of that sort of a relationship. So, based on what Director Mueller’s team revealed in their report, I’d have to say no, we still have not seen clear evidence of that,” McCabe said on Thursday.


McCabe knows he is in trouble because the newly confirmed Attorney General is about the rule of law and launched a massive investigation into the origins of Spygate.

McCabe signed the final FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page in June of 2017, a month after he opened TWO investigations into Trump.

Shortly after IG Horowitz released his report on McCabe, it was revealed the Inspector General sent a criminal referral for Andrew McCabe to the US Attorney’s office about the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

A grand jury was previously impaneled to investigate whether McCabe purposely misguided officials over his role in unauthorized disclosures to The Wall Street Journal — and he still has not been indicted!

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